Teacher training

Remand prison. Foto: tichy photography

Teacher training

Guided tour and discussion


The memorial is an authentic and extra-curricular learning space for schools. The historical references range from the end of the second life to the Soviet zone of occupation and the GDR to the Peaceful Revolution in 1989.

After a tour through the historical places, the political education offers are presented. It is possible to focus on individual guided tours and project days and the biographies of contemporary witnesses.

The offer is aimed at teachers, multipliers in historical and political education and employees of educational institutions.

If you are interested, please contact the memorial's visitor service.

Booking service

Antje Friedrich
Tel. 0351 899 60 439
Fax 0351 646 54 43

E-Mail antje.friedrich@denk-mal-dresden.de


Foreign language surcharge after arrangement

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