Mail Art at the Memorial

Jürgen Gottschalk, Mail-Art-Postkarte, Foto: Gedenkstätte Bautzner Straße Dresden

Mail Art at the Memorial

Collages, texts, drawings


Mail art is to be used to create low-threshold access to the history of East Germany, especially for young people. In this way, they learn how young people in the GDR tried to overcome the narrow political and geographical borders by means of this communicative art form. The participants are given a short tour of the Stasi investigation prison and talk to contemporary witnesses who practised mail art and/or experienced political persecution. The participants will incorporate these impressions and insights into the subsequent design of their own mail art. During the workshop, the participants are introduced to the method of mail art and create their own works, which can be exhibited in the youth room DENKSTÄTTE of the Bautzner Straße Memorial if desired.

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The project offer was developed in cooperation with Kultur Aktiv e.V. and co-financed by the Foundation of Saxon Memorials through tax funds based on the budget passed by the members of the Saxon Parliament.


Foreign language surcharge after arrangement


240 minutes
Up to 30 people
Price for participants:
12,00 € (school class 10,00 €)
Minimum price:
300,00 € (school class 250,00 €)