Dresdner Revolutionsweg 1989 (Dresden Revolutionary Trail)

Der ehemalige Oberbürgermeister Dr. Herbert Wagner vor einem Foto mit einer Menschenkette, Dresden im Dezember 1989, Foto: Gedenkstätte Bautzner Straße Dresden

Dresdner Revolutionsweg 1989 (Dresden Revolutionary Trail)

"Wir sind das Volk!" ("We are the people")


On 4 October 1989, the second wave of trains carrying GDR refugees from the Prague embassy towards the Federal Republic of Germany rolled across the territory of the GDR. People from all over the GDR who were willing to leave drove via Dresden towards Prague with the intention of occupying the embassy for the 3rd time. At the border with the ČSSR they were turned back, because the day before the GDR government had closed this loophole to freedom. Enraged, they returned to Dresden's main railway station to jump on one of the refugee trains of the 2nd wave. Dr Herbert Wagner, later Lord Mayor of Dresden and a member of the "Group of 20", which conducted the dialogue with the Dresden SED leadership under the then Lord Mayor Wolfgang Berghofer, also made his way to Dresden main station with his wife and children in the late afternoon of 4 October to see the supposedly last trains to freedom. In remembrance of this historic date, Dr Wagner will lead a tour to various stations on today's "Dresden Revolutionary Trail".

Registration is through the Volkshochschule Dresden.


Eine Veranstaltung in Zusammenarbeit mit der Volkshochschule Dresden. Diese Maßnahme wird mitfinanziert durch Steuermittel auf der Grundlage des vom Sächsischen Landtag beschlossenen Haushaltes.
Meeting place: Hauptbahnhof, Wiener Platz 4 (left exit Prager Straße),
free of charge.