Contemporary witnesses remember

Brillenetui, Erinnerungsstück einer Zeitzeugin

Contemporary witnesses remember

Appeal: Mementos wanted!


We are looking for (everyday) objects that remind you of the time of your imprisonment. They can represent everyday life in prison or the run-up to the arrest, or they can have played a role afterwards. We are also looking forward to receiving reports and objects from the occupation of the Stasi district administration in 1989. Originally, we wanted to present some already existing objects and hear your stories about them within the framework of the "Afternoon of Encounter". Since the contemporary witness meeting has to be cancelled for the time being due to the pandemic, we ask you to nevertheless share your memorabilia with us.

We would appreciate it if you could send us a photo of the object or a copy of a document (scan) together with your personal memory. If you can spare the object, we will be happy to include it in our archive and perhaps even display it in our permanent exhibition. You can also make a drawing of the object or your memory of moments of political imprisonment. Please tell us what significance this object, photo or document had for you. If you also send us your short biography, this will complete your story in the best possible way. We would also be pleased to receive a historical photograph of you.

We plan to present these objects in the newsletter and/or integrate them into the permanent exhibition.

Please contact Katrin Thiel in the Contemporary Witness Office. We are looking forward to hearing about you and your memorabilia. Many thanks in advance!


Contemporary Witness Office
Katrin Thiel
Tel. 0351 810 74 046