In the name of the people. The file H.

Ankündigung der Aufführung "Im Namen des Volkes", Plakat

In the name of the people. The file H.

Scenic performance and guided tour


Convicted and imprisoned in the GDR for "anti-state agitation", former prisoner Hans-Jürgen Barth, born Hempel, is fighting for his rehabilitation. In a documentary performance, Barth and actor Marcus Born re-enact scenes from a court hearing in which the aim is to prove the innocence of the former prisoner according to today's law.

The performance is based on facts, it is supported by documents and the visitors are involved in the performance. The audience will discuss and decide together with the court on the rehabilitation of Hans-Jürgen H., who was sentenced and imprisoned in the GDR for "anti-state agitation".

The performance will be followed by a short guided tour.

Please note that this is a German-language offer.

approx. 140 minutes
up to 30 people
Price for participants:
12,00 € (school class 10,00 €)
Minimum price:
300,00 € (school class 250,00 €)