The last balloon escape attempt from the GDR

Die letzte Ballonfahrt, Foto: Jan Hübler

The last balloon escape attempt from the GDR

Autumn 1989


Autobiographical factual report with Jan Hübler

What drives a young couple shortly before the fall of the Wall to sew 480 bedsheets together to form a hot air balloon in a small flat in Dresden in order to flee to the West?

The event describes the dramatic course of the development phase with all the fears and tensions, challenges and emotions. The idea, construction and realisation of balloon building under difficult conditions of scarcity and the permanent danger of being discovered are explained in detail - right up to the final consequence: the launch attempt in Thuringia, ironically three weeks before the fall of the Wall.


In cooperation with the Volkshochschule Dresden. This event is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament.
Before the event, the memorial can be visited free of charge from 15:00.