Open Wounds of Eastern Europe

Offene Wunden Osteuropas, 15.09.2022

Open Wounds of Eastern Europe

Katja Makhotina in conversation with Justus H. Ulbricht
18:00 -19:30


Together with Franziska Davies, Katja Makhotina published a book in spring 2022 entitled "Offene Wunden Osteuropas. Reisen zu Erinnerungsorten des Zweiten Weltkriegs" (Open Wounds of Eastern Europe: Journeys to Places of Remembrance of the Second World War), in which the two historians describe how differently the tyranny and the Holocaust are remembered in Europe on the basis of their journeys to places of remembrance in Eastern Europe.

Remembering the crimes of the Second World War is the foundation of our free, united Europe - but what does Germany remember, and what does Eastern Europe remember? Although Germany is considered the "world champion" of remembrance culture, our memory of the war of extermination in Eastern Europe proves to be clearly incomplete on closer inspection.

Dr Katja Makhotina did her doctorate in Munich and teaches Eastern European History at the University of Bonn. With her students, she has been researching local remembrance of the Eastern European victims in Germany for years and is involved in memorial work.

Dr. Justus H. Ulbricht, cultural historian, remembrance culture researcher and publicist, will be in conversation with Katja Makhotina during the evening.

The event is being held in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Saxony Office (Dresden Office).