A guided tour in pictures

The ballroom

A guided tour in pictures

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From 1950 onwards, politically inconsistent people were imprisoned by the Soviet occupying forces in the cellar vaults of today's Bautzner Strasse Dresden Memorial and sentenced to very long prison terms or to death. From 1953 to 1989, the Dresden district administration of the Ministry for State Security and the associated remand prison were located on the Bautzner Strasse site. On December 5, 1989, citizens of Dresden occupied the site.

The eventful story is told using pictures on a large screen and with original sound recordings in the former Stasi ballroom.

The participants can then explore the memorial independently. For some areas of the memorial are not
accessible, the offer can also be used for groups with wheelchair users.

The tour is also offered in foreign languages.

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90 minutes
People max.:
Price per person:
8,00 € (school class 5,00 €)
Minimum price per group:
90,00 € (school class 60,00 €)
Foreign language surcharge
after arrangement