The Bautzner Straße Memorial supports the "Medikamente für die Kleinsten" campaign

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The Bautzner Straße Memorial supports the "Medikamente für die Kleinsten" campaign

Help for Kyiv neonatal clinic

The staff of the Bautzner Straße Memorial are deeply affected by the Russian attack on Ukraine. Thousands of civilians have been injured or killed, millions of people are on the run. The unthinkable is also happening: Hospitals and maternity wards are being bombed. Human rights violations are on the Russian agenda.

It is hard to just stand by and watch. In the past, we have already collected donations. We want to continue to do so.

Join us in supporting the fundraising campaign "Medikamente für die Kleinsten!"

The donations collected are to benefit the smallest and most vulnerable people. Through the German Foundation for Sick Newborns (DSKN), money is being collected for urgently needed medicines and other medical supplies to care for sick newborns and premature babies in a neonatal facility in Kyiv. The association "Pharmacists without Borders" is organising the transport and distribution of the relief supplies. Since the premature baby ward has now also fallen victim to the attacks, the children are being cared for in the basement and the need for help is more acute than ever.

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