We are the people! Dresden Revolutionary Path 1989

Human chain on the B6 towards Weißig

We are the people! Dresden Revolutionary Path 1989

Walking tour in the city center


In the fall of 1989 something completely unexpected happened: a large part of the people of the GDR took to the streets against the authoritarian state power and brought the regime to its knees.

Dresden played a special role in this upheaval. At the beginning of October 1989, trains carrying GDR refugees from the Prague embassy to the Federal Republic of Germany were directed via Dresden Central Station. Thousands gathered there to jump on the trains or to protest against the GDR regime. When the station was cleared and cordoned off on the evening of October 4th, riots broke out. Violent attacks on both sides, mass arrests and destruction followed. During these days it was decided in Dresden whether the revolution would end peacefully.

The city tour tells the story of the special Dresden Way in autumn 1989 at the central locations.

The offer is aimed at pupils from grade 9 of all school types (especially for the subjects of social studies, history, ethics and religion), but also for adults.

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Foreign language surcharge after arrangement

150 minutes
Up to 30 people
Price per person:
10,00 € (school class 8,00 €)
Minimum price:
150,00 € (school class 120,00 €)