Exploration project

Keys from the remand prison at Bautzner Strasse, Photo: Franziska Pilz

Exploration project



For what reasons did people come to Bautzner Strasse in custody? What was your everyday life like in custody? What interrogation methods were you exposed to?

The exploration project provides a first impression of how the Stasi dealt with politically suspicious people.

In addition to exploring the detention center independently, the students study written sources from the Ministry of State Security.

The offer is aimed at pupils from grade 9 of all school types (especially for the subjects of social studies, history, ethics and religion), but also for adults.

The offer is also available in French. In this case, the French accompanying person can do it himself. The material is available in French Sprace.

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Foreign language surcharge after arrangement

90 minutes
Up to 30 people
Price for participants:
8,00 € (school class 5,00 €)
Minimum price:
90,00 € (school class 60,00 €)