On the executive floor. The Dresden Stasi in its original sound

Schreibtisch mit Telefonen im Büro des  Leiters der Bezirksverwaltung

On the executive floor. The Dresden Stasi in its original sound

Special tour


Colonel-General Horst Böhm (1937-1990) joins the SED after graduating from high school. From 1981 until his release in December 1989 he took over the management of the MfS district administration in Dresden and became a member of the Dresden SED district administration. His wood-paneled office with a collection of plates, pennants and plaques can still be visited today. Sound recordings of the telephone calls made by the Dresden Stasi bosses and other audio recordings allow a deep insight into the identity of the secret service. But what was the everyday life of his employees like?

The Stasi opened letters and parcels, secretly overheard them, and over the years created tons of index cards. Bugs, devices that were used to photograph and manufacture microfiches, but also special viewing hole and notch hole cards were used. With the help of original objects, part of the huge field of activity of the State Security becomes clear.

The tour is also offered in foreign languages.

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90 minutes
Up to 30 people
Price for participants:
8,00 € (school class 5,00 €)
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90,00 € (school class 60,00 €)