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International Biography Project on the Second World War

We - the Bautzner Straße Dresden Memorial - are looking for contemporary witnesses and people of the Second and Third Generation who are interested in telling us their story(s) about the Second World War.

How did I experience the end of the war and the Soviet occupation? What is the story of my Jewish relatives? What did my parents tell about prisoners of war in the German Reich, the air war, war crimes and the disappearance of former Jewish neighbours? Were there men in my family who told about their time as prisoners of war? What objects and photographs keep the war in the family's memory? My parents resisted: what can I tell about them?

What we are looking for ...
For an international biography project we are collecting stories in cooperation with Post Bellum (Slovakia), Post Bellum (Czech Republic), Documenta (Croatia) and Tachles-TV (Slovakia), all of which deal with the time around the Second World War and its influences on personal biographies. In particular, we hope to hear from contemporary witnesses who lived through the war and its effects. We are also looking forward to talking to the generation born after the end of the Second World War about their family history.

How we get in touch ...
If you are interested in telling us your story, please register, if possible by 30 September 2022, with:

Antje Friedrich
Phone: 01522 - 4169 434 (weekdays between 2 and 5 p.m.)
Postal address: Bautzner Straße Memorial Dresden, Bautzner Straße 112a, 01099 Dresden

Between 01.09. and 17.09.2022 please contact Christine Bücher (, mobile 0173 - 97 68 38 2). We would like some information about you (age, place of residence), your contact details (telephone, place of residence, e-mail address if possible), and a few words about what you think is worth telling, perhaps even whether you keep any photos, documents or objects.

What happens to the stories ...
After a preliminary discussion, we want to conduct interviews with you, which will be filmed. On this basis, a documentary film will be made, which will be shown in schools, among other places. We will also archive the interviews in the contemporary witness archive of the Bautzner Straße Memorial and use them for later exhibitions or publications.

If you feel addressed or know people who would be willing to be interviewed, we would be very pleased if you would contact us.

If possible, the actual interviews will then all take place in the last week of October (24 - 30.10.2022).