Caesuras arise, people stay

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Caesuras arise, people stay


1933, 1939, 1945, 1949, 1989 – we are used to sorting the past. We (usually) know the events and processes associated with these dates, which means that they often represent definable periods of time in our collective memory. But do we realize that the people in these periods were often the same? The new project "Caesuras emerge, people remain" operates with this in mind. The past is not conveyed as self-contained, but the transitions are examined.

Based on the period of National Socialism and the Second World War, the project examines continuity and ruptures in the biographies of people who wanted (or had to) continue their lives in the Soviet Occupation Zone and early GDR. At the historical site, the Soviet detention cellar and the remand prison of the Ministry of State Security, the social transformation process driven by the political pressure of a dictatorship can be vividly understood using case studies.

The project consists of the following parts:

  • Thematic introduction
  • Video documentation with interviews with contemporary witnesses (production of 2024)
  • Evaluation and discussion of the eyewitness testimonies
  • Examination of the historical site (guided self-exploration in the detention cellar)
  • Final reflection

The offer is aimed at pupils from grade 9 at the earliest, but also to other youth groups and adults. Please note that this is a German-language offer.

Duration: approx. 240 minutes
Participants: max. 30 Personen

Participant price: (free of charge until 03/31/2024) from 1 April 2024: € 12.00 (pupils € 10.00)

Minimum price: € 200.00


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* Artikelfoto: Hartmut Topf aus dem Langfilm „Der Krieg im Gedächtnis“



The „Cinemastories of WWII“ project is co-financed by the EU's „Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values“ (CERV) programme.