"And they had then somehow broken my will."

Und die hatten dann irgendwie meinen Willen gebrochen. von Heiko Neumann. Buchcover

"And they had then somehow broken my will."

Book by Heiko Neumann published in 2nd improved edition

Heiko Neumann

"And then they had somehow broken my will."
Detention Regime & Interrogation Practice in the MfS Sub-Detention Bautzner Straße Dresden 1953 - 1989

Gedenkstätte Bautzner Straße Dresden, Dresden 2022, 2nd improved edition 180 pages, 10,00 Euro

This local study uses previously unpublished prisoner interviews to describe the detention regime and interrogation practices in the MfS pre-trial detention centre in Dresden. Daily life in prison is portrayed from a comparative perspective in the period from 1953 to 1989. The extensive inclusion of prisoners' recollections creates a detailed picture of the prison procedures of the time, but also of how people felt in prison. From admission in the vehicle lock to obtaining confessions in the interrogation rooms, the study allows a deep insight into both the structural changes and the goals and methods of an MfS detention centre.


The author
Heiko Neumann, active teacher, association member of EdE and active within the framework of his teaching assignment for the TU-Dresden/subject didactics of history. Heiko Neumann is currently working on his doctoral project (AT: Ein Ort für "Menschen mit neuem Bewusstsein": Lebenswelten hauptamtlicher Mitarbeiter der Bezirksverwaltung Dresden des MfS 1950-1989).

The book cannot be ordered through bookshops. It can only be ordered from the Bautzner Straße Memorial in Dresden.